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Hello readers, at the time I am writing this article, numbers of active cases of Covid-19 positive tests are skyrocketing day by day. It is very important to mind and preserve your health. Prevention is better than to cure, they say. A renowned health educator in the 19th century once wrote: “Pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, trust in divine power–these are the true remedies.” (The Ministry of Healing – E. G. White, 1827-1915,). We will be talking about these nature’s remedies and how best we can utilize them. But today let’s talking about a sweet poison that besides its ill effect upon our health, weakens our immune system. Sweet? Yes, we are talking about sugar, especially refined sugar.
I will talk more about the other ill-effect of sugar in our next article. But now I would like to concentrate on its effect of suppressing the immune system. The more sugar you eat the less efficient your immune system become. For example, with 0 teaspoon of sugar into your system, your WBC is able to destroy 14 bacteria, with 6 teaspoon, this is reduced to 10 and with 12 teaspoon to 5.5; 18 teaspoons to 2.0 and with 24 teaspoons a WBC can only destroy 1.0 bacteria. Well our body does not only have WBC to fight pathogens. We have other cells such as Natural killer Cells and lymphocytes whose activities are impaired with sugar consumption.
Besides ditching sugar and sugary drink or foods, you can also do the following to boost your immune system:
• Do not smoke as smoking reduces the ability of neutrophils to capture and kill germs.
• Do not drink alcohol as it makes phagocytes sluggish
• Exercise moderately since excecise improve circulation and immunity.
• Moderate amounts of vitamins C and E boost the immune system.
• A vegetarian diet stimulates the activity of Natural Killer Cells by increasing them by a factor of 2.34.
To be continued…
Judicael M. Luboya
Health Educator and Naturopath at Green Doctors Healthcare

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