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Before we go through our study of healthful cookery, I would like everyone of you to think about this. When you are in your kitchen cooking, adding your ingredients one by one. What comes first in your mind? HEALTH or TASTE? Many a time, we are after taste than health, we spoil the healthy food we are cooking by adding some unhealthy and harmful spices which are not good. Most of the spices, flavourings out there are full of MSG. Which is a very dangerous chemical and is the cause of so many diseases.

Throughout my experience in my culinary adventure, I have leaned that it is very possible for food to be cooked in a simple and delicious way yet healthy. But to do this one needs to study the art of cookery. It requires intelligence and wisdom from God for one to this. The food can look delicious, but not healthy. It can be simple but not delicious nor healthy. And yes the food should always be healthy but because it is healthy it does not have to be bland, it should look palatable and taste delicious.

I have come up with some simple and healthy vegan recipes which will make cooking easy for every household. You can always visit for these recipes. But in this document we are going to learn about the importance of cooking and how poor cooking can affect our health and the health of the entire family.


There is more religion in good cooking than you have any idea of. It is a sin to place poorly cooked meals on the table. The matter of cooking concern the well-being of the entire system. When food is not well cooked it affects the health of the whole family.

The food placed on the table should be healthy, simple and delicious; to accomplish this you need to learn the art of the cookery.

The cook fills an important place in the household. She is preparing food to be taken into the stomach, to form brain, bone, and muscle. The health of all members of the family depends largely upon her skill and intelligence It is sacred duty for those who cook to learn how to prepare healthful food. {CD 252.3}.

Scanty, ill-cooked food depraves the blood by weakening the blood-making organs. It deranges the system, and brings on disease, with its accompaniment of irritable nerves and bad tempers. The victims of poor cookery are thousands and ten of the thousands. Over many graves of poor cooking might be written, Died because of poor cooking, Died because of abused stomach, Died because sour bread, Died because of bad cooking. Nature bears the abuse as long as possible, but in the end she must succumb. (CD 257.1)


Homemade bread

Let not the work of cooking be looked upon as a sort of slavery. Cooking may be regarded as less desirable than some other lines of work, but in reality it is a science in value above all other sciences. Thus God regards the preparation of healthful food. (we need to know that God is concern about what we cook and how we cook it, we should fear Him in the kitchen dear brethren) He places a high estimate on those who do faithful service in preparing wholesome, palatable food. The food should be whole and palatable, we need to avoid placing refined food and food which is poorly cooked and has no nutritional values on our tables for our families. Remember kids eat what they see on the table. We can have a variety of good, wholesome food, cooked in a healthful manner, so that it will be palatable to all. It is of vital importance to know how to cook. The proper cooking of food is a most important accomplishment. Especially where meat is not made a principal article of food is good cooking an essential requirement. Something must be prepared to take the place of meat, and these substitutes for meat must be well prepared, so that meat will not be desired. {CD 256.1}

The one who understands the art of properly preparing food, and who uses this knowledge, is worthy of higher commendation than those engaged in any other line of work. This talent should be regarded as equal in value to ten talents; for its right use has much to do with keeping the human organism in health. Because so inseparably connected with life and health, it is the most valuable of all gifts. {CD 251.2}

Every Woman’s Duty to Become a Skillful Cook Today we see most women engaged in other line works and they give little attention to the work of cooking, and this work is left with the maid or children. But this is not right, it is the responsibility of every woman to know how the food was cooked before its eaten by her household. sure of that. “ Our sisters often do not know how to cook. To such I would sa y, I would go to the very best cook that could be found in the country, and remain there, if necessary, for weeks, until I had become mistress of the art,-an intelligent, is your duty skillful cook. I would pursue this course if I were forty years old. It to know how to cook, and it is your duty to teach your daughters to cook. D iet an foods 252.5} ” {C ounsels on In order to learn how to cook, women should study, and then patiently reduce what they learn to practice.


“ I appeal to men and women to whom God has given intelligence: Learn how to cook. I make no mistake when I say “men,” for they, as well as women, need to understand the simple, healthful preparation of food. “ In order to learn how to cook, learn to practice. ” {CD 253.2} men and women should study, and then patiently reduce what they learn to practice. ” {CD 253.2}.

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