In this recipe, I have used my homemade tofu. I usually make tofu at home from scratch. But you can also use your store-bought tofu. The skewers come out very delicious. I also used my homemade BBQ sauce. It’s very easy to make. Remember I always say, anything you can make at home for yourself is the best. You know exactly what you put inside. I always try to make different things at home from scratch, I encourage you all to try do that too, take some time to make something delicious for your family. This recipe is very simple and it requires very little time to make it.

Remember to press your tofu very well so it can hold up on skewers. Let’s get started. 


1 block of tofu, firm or extra firm 

Half of green, yellow and red bell pepper 

1/2 cup of BBQ sauce. Homemade is the best option 
1 small red onion.


If you’re using wood skewers like mine, you have to soak them in water first to avoid burning.
Press and cut tofu unto cubes, set aside. Cut the vegetables unto cubes too and set aside.
Season the vegetables with a little salt.
Assemble skewers, with vegetables and tofu alternatively on the sticks.

Arrange the skewers on a baking sheet line with a parchment paper. And brush the BBQ sauce generously on the tofu and vegetables. 

Place in oven and bake for 20 minutes. Flipping half way through. 
Depending on your oven, you can bake for little longer. Brush with more sauce if you desire.

Remove from oven, let the skewers cool, then serve.

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Dorcas Luboya

Dorcas Luboya

I’m a vegan with deep passion for recipes creation and sharing plant-based lifestyle with others. My wish is to encourage others to discover the wonderful benefits of a plant-based food that God gave to human, where you count your colors and not your calories.



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