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When I became a vegetarian first, I struggled a lot to enjoy meat free dishes. Imagine being a meat eater for so many years and now you someone brings you another light to say meat is not good. And after you are convinced, you have to embrace meat free dishes. Which is not easy for most of the people.

As I was new to vegetarian diet, I had no idea how to cook.
All I knew was how to prepare meat. Now have to eat without meat!! It was a struggle, a great struggle. I tried to use my little knowledge I had by then, but still I was not satisfied with any dish I made. The food didn’t taste good.

I remember telling myself; if this is what it takes to a vegetarian, I don’t think I will be able to do this.

Not until God spoke to me and told me, look there’s actually a better way to cook and more food to eat. Try this way and you will enjoy your meal.

Following Devine guidance, I started make some quite delicious vegetarian meals with the help of some Friends I visited.
I could now enjoy and the knowledge increased in the kitchen as I tried everything.

Does this sound like you?

If so I will say to you; don’t worry. You are going to love my Vegan cooking classes.

In this class I will reveal all the tips, harks and techniques I have developed over the years to cook healthy, simple and palate meals.

Every Sunday of every first week of the month I’m going to show you how to prepare meat free dishes that you can enjoy with your family and meat eaters friends.

This will include, 5 delicious Vegan recipes (2 breakfast, 2 lunch and 1 dinner) worry not, this is not about fancy ingredients. No no, you will see for yourself how simple it is.
Don’t worry, it not going to take long. I mean who has time to spend hours in the kitchen?

Looking back, I can only praise God. I now have
5 years of experience in creating delicious meat free dishes and in teaching men and women how to make delicious, healthy, and simple Vegan meals, and I can easily turn a meat eater unto a Vegan within a short period of time. That I have done it with different people who stayed with me in my house.

Not only that; I have also developed how to make different Vegan meats substitutes. Such as sausages, schnitzel, meatless balls, polonies, burgers, patties etc. I make different taste and I want to teach you too how make all these things

So in which class are you interested? Cooking simple, healthy and delicious dishes or learning have to make different meat substitutes?
These are two different classes.
I will teach you how to make meat substitutes, how to package them, different ingredients to use from where you are. Join and lean more.

For more:


Please share with others. I know they are many people like me out there who have decided to eat healthy but are still struggling with cooking.

See you in the kitchen.

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Dorcas Luboya

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Hi I’m Dorcas Luboya, I am a qualified health educator.

And thank you for stopping by. Here you will find a collection of healthy and delicious plant-based recipes.

To me cooking is a ministry on its own. Ministering to people is not only preaching, I minister to people through the healthful cooking work.

Dorcas Luboya

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