Health on a Plate


This recipe is my family favourite to me it’s just another simple way to enjoy your oatmeal. Eating same thing cooked in a same way every can make the food not to be appreciated by the family. I must assure you, it’s very delicious and easy to make. On top of that it’s healthy, no […]


It has been said that, potatoes are the stomach’s best friend because of the sense of well- being that one experience after eating them. Potatoes contain carbohydrates, good source of proteins, Minerals and fiber. Potatoes can be prepared in different and healthy ways like boiling, roasting, steaming, and fried which is the most unhealthiest way […]


This eggplant sandwich is very delicious and easy. My son’s favourite. My kids don’t like eggplant, but when I bake it, oooh how they enjoy it. I don’t know about yours. INGREDIENTS 2 small eggplants, sliced and baked, if your eggplants are large you can use one. Sauted green, red, yellow pepper, you can use […]

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Our project is in need of your support. Donate Now