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Soya mince is very high in protein and very cheap. It is available in most health stores and supermarkets. As you know my recipes are all vegan. Usually when people make meatballs they use eggs to bind the mixture. But I replace egg with chia seeds. It also very nutritious.  The secret to this meatless […]


Hello friends and welcome to my page. Today I bring you this simple and delicious stuffed butternut recipe. I hope you will love it. The ingredients are so simple and available everywhere. Feel free to use any kind of beans and grains you have. INGREDIENTS 1 medium butternut squash  1 cup of boiled red beans  […]


If you are craving this delicious and healthy avocado salad, just stop at the market and buy 1 or 2 large ripe avocados. Choose firm ones that yield a bit to a gentle squeeze. INGREDIENTS  2 large ripe avocados, diced  1 tbsp sunflower seeds  1 medium red onion, sliced  1 large fresh tomato, diced  Handful of […]

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Our project is in need of your support. Donate Now